Kitchen Cleaning Services by
Heather's Green and Clean

We all love eating and the heart of most homes is the kitchen where our food is cooked. Kitchen's these days day also seem to be the inside gathering spot for most families.

The most important thing in kitchens is that we pay utmost attention to our food is fresh and to our own safety while cooking. But, once the food is cooked and prior to preparing our meals what everyone wants is that the kitchen should be sparkling, neat and clean and hygienic. Let us learn that keeping the kitchen clean is one the best ways to prevent the spread of any food borne illness.

Kitchen Cleaning can be a really daunting task and it's not practically possible for everyone to invest that much time everyday to look into the minute details of cleaning the kitchen, especially when you have kids, family and a career to manage. If you are working full-time then it is very difficult to devote time for cleaning beyond cooking and managing your professional life.

Heather's reliable kitchen cleaning service is a hit among many households. Our cleaning process is quick and hygienic and we use natural biodegradable non-toxic cleaning products keeping your home environment safe.

Our Kitchen services include but are not limited to the following:

• Wipe down countertops and cabinet faces
• Clean outside of large and small appliances
• Clean inside and outside of microwave
• Scrub sink
• Clean floors - sweep and wash
• Dust baseboards
• Dust window ledges
• Dust light fixtures
• Empty wastebaskets

Now you not only save time but also find your kitchen shining all the time with our services.

• We offer the highest level of cleaning services as per your requirement with a cleaning checklist.
• We offer cleaning services as per your availability which should not affect your working hours.
• We offer an environmentally friendly approach throughout the entire cleaning process.

With our professional kitchen cleaning services all we may say is Bon Appétit!

For more information or a free consultation on Heather's Green and Clean services, please call 651-503-6439 or fill out the contact form and we will get right back to you.