Bathroom Cleaning Services By
Heather's Green and Clean

The bathroom is an essential part of our home and keeping it clean is very important for our own personal safety and hygiene. When it comes to our personal space and time, the bathroom plays an important role. The issue is, the bathroom is often the one place that is overlooked the most. No one likes cleaning the bathroom however everyone desires a cleaner bathroom.

Cleaning a bathroom is a huge task as oftne times, items are foten left out in such a rush to get to where you're going. It is not only a time consuming process but also leaves you tired. Heather's offers an easy solution. Gve us a call.

Heather’s Green and Clean residential bathroom cleaning services includes point to point cleaning as well as vacuuming the entire water away and leaving it dry and bacteria free. We clean each and every corner so perfectly that it leaves your bathroom shining all across.

Our Bathroom cleaning services include but is not limited to:

• Wipe down countertops and cabinet faces
• Clean mirror
• Scrub, cleaning and disinfectiing sink
• Scrub, cleaning and disinfecting tub and shower
• Scrub, cleaning and disinfecting toilet
• Clean floors - sweep and wash
• Dust baseboards
• Dust window ledges
• Dust light fixtures
• Empty wastebaskets

Our bathroom cleaning service is perfection in itself and we use natural biodegradable non-toxic cleaning products for cleaning which have been proven to clean without the side effects associated with the use of toxic chemical cleaners.

Enjoy your personal space and think fresh, sing or smile….

For more information or a free consultation on Heather's Green and Clean services, please call 651-503-6439 or fill out the contact form and we will get right back to you.